Nutrition Blog #4: Everyday Teens

A couple of weeks ago I talked to some teens on my campus and asked them about their daily nutrition. I got varied answers from both of them, but it was definitely an eye opener for how different people can be in high school. My first interview was with a guy who says he can be quite active. He is on the varsity wrestling team, rock climbs, mountain bikes, and is constantly on the go. This is a routine that works for his lifestyle but you shouldn’t follow it for your own. His daily routine is balanced with both good and “bad” foods as well as varying depending on his dieting for wrestling. There is no “dieting” involved unless his coach tells him to and he says that even when he is off he is still aware of what he is putting in his body. “When they are around 17 or 18, they should become more aware because our metabolism slows down.” One thing he said to stay healthy was to pick healthy choices over the unhealthy when they are available.

My second interview was with a girl who is an ‘average teenager’ with no real workout routine. She claims that she is too busy to go to the gym and that she is also half and half with healthy and unhealthy foods. She strives to eat fruits and light foods in order to stay healthy. She also said that everything should be eaten in moderation but not to be very strict with it. There should still be an element of fun with being a teen. One thing that should be different is that she said there should be better ways to workout without driving to the gym. Luckily for her that’s exactly what I am striving for.

Hopefully this has shown you guys that you are not alone and we can all be healthy in our own ways. Remember to stay healthy and stay happy!


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