Nutrition Blog #3: How To Burn Fat Efficiently

Now I’m sure that many of you saw the heading and thought ‘What is she thinking?’. But trust me I have some truth to my findings. As I have been going through this journey, I have found out some key essentials to becoming fit and healthy. Number one being to shorten your eating time period. A lot of people don’t know this, but if you don’t eat until around 11 am and then stop eating around 9 pm, it’ll help your body’s metabolism increase. You burn the most calories when you are sleeping, so it would only make sense to lengthen this amount of time. During the first 4-6 hours, your body is mostly burning sugars and carbs that you have eaten for dinner/dessert. After that time period your body moves onto the fat burning stage. So you are still in that stage when you wake up. The minute you eat any food, you bring that process to a stopping point. Many of you would argue that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and yes this is true, but all we are doing is delaying your breakfast time to more of a brunch time.  You can still drink coffee and tea before eleven, but it can’t have sugars or added creamers in it. Also many of us like to eat snacks after dinner and long into the night, but the later you eat food, the longer you are procrastinating your resting state. So you can still eat the same amounts of food, just not in a longer period of time. Usually 11 am to 9 pm is an ample amount of time to eat three meals a day. Remember to stay healthy and stay happy!


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