First Blog: Let’s Get Started!

Hey y’all! I’m so glad you came to visit my page, this is my new blog start-up for teens and ways to have a healthier lifestyle. I will be blogging every two weeks about my experience, including interviews with athletes, coaches, and other trainers. At the end of my six-month journey, I will post a blog of my overall weight loss, or weight gain, and how it affected me both physically and mentally. These past two weeks I started by setting a calorie intake goal and keeping track of my exercise each day. Now, before any of y’all do this, I insist that you look up the proper calorie intake for your size, weight, and age. Your goal should also take in account for how active you are and whether you wish to maintain your current weight or loose some. Once you obtain your desired weight, go and look up a new calorie goal to maintain your weight. I advise you not to continue to try to lose more weight because it can become unhealthy. During this “diet” you should know that you won’t have to cut anything out of your meals. You can surely eat carbs, sugars, anything you’d like, just keep it in moderation. Think of this as eating 80-90% healthy food with 10-20% non-healthy food each day. With all this in mind, I started my journey, two weeks ago, on November 14th. The first thing I did was start a food diary of what I ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks with their calories respectively. I knew that the first couple of days would be hard, so I went easy on myself. Made sure not to push it too hard and if I went over my goal a little bit, that was okay. Any physical activity that I did, I wrote it down for that day as well. Tip: make sure that you drink lots of water, as it will help you stay hydrated and keep your muscle mass. I weighed myself after each week to see how I was progressing and I have lost six pounds already!! I will keep y’all up to date, but I am staying positive and continuing to work out each day.


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